Enhance High-Mileage Fleets with Premium Oil

Enhance High-Mileage Fleets with Premium Oil

Maintaining a fleet of high-mileage vehicles requires a lot of precision, and some help from premium oil. Using a premium-quality engine oil can help keep your fleet on the road for longer and avoid unnecessary downtime.

While using a high-quality diesel engine oil may feel like an investment, it pays off by standing up better to drastic thermal changes, oxidation and contamination without sacrificing oil quality. Engines operate under intense heat and pressure, which leads to a higher risk of contamination. Using a premium synthetic oil like Cenex® MAXTRON® ENVIRO-EDGE® or MAXTRON DEO will help avoid breakdowns in your fleet and provide a significant return on investment down the road.

Better than ever, these synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oils fight shearing and viscosity loss thanks to a new industry-leading viscosity modifier called ENDUROVIS™. Because of its star shape – as opposed to a traditional linear coil-shaped viscosity modifier – EnduroVis’ radial form keeps the elements of the balanced additive package intact as the oil moves through the engine. Enhanced with EnduroVis, Maxtron Enviro-EDGE and Maxtron DEO are up to seven times more shear stable than a traditional linear coil-shaped viscosity modifier, ensuring your rig is protected and stays on the road longer. 

Premium engine oil offers advanced benefits to reduce wear on your engine in addition to providing a return on investment. It can also impact the efficiency of your engine, and the balanced additive technology of Maxtron synthetic diesel engine oils plays an important role in your machine. Read on for the benefits of premium diesel engine oil.

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Image used with permission of Cenex