Looking to help a Trucking Family in Need this Holiday Season? TCGO has more info for you!

Looking to help a Trucking Family in Need this Holiday Season? TCGO has more info for you!

Greg Manchester joined Eric to discuss how you can help a trucker in need this year.

Each year the TruckersChristmasGroup.Org (TCGO) works to raise funds to help professional CDL drivers and their families that, through no fault of their own, have had difficulties this past year. This year marks the 11-year anniversary of TCGO and fundraising to help those in need has begun and will last through December of 2018.

Nominations for assistance will begin on November 23rd, 2018 and will be accepted through December 16th, 2018. All nominees will be vetted by a committee of drivers and others with ties to the trucking industry, to help determine eligibility. Those receiving assistance will be notified by “Santa Clause” December 20th and 21st, 2018.

Those wishing to nominate drivers in need for the TCGO 2018 campaign can do so at www.TruckersChristmasGroup.org. Nominations may be done anonymously and are open to professional CDL drivers residing in the U.S. and Canada.

The committee verifies the information submitted and will then submit the names to the TCGO who will vote on eligibility. Funds are awarded based on need with a minimum amount of $500.00 per family. Funds are awarded until the donated funds have been exhausted. As of the 2017 Christmas Season, over 132 families were helped with a total of $82,000.00 awarded.

Those wishing to help may make a direct donation through the TCGO secure website. As well as by purchasing items that have been donated to the TCGO online Christmas Store The Christmas Store will be adding new items beginning on November 23, 2018. Items from the store are generously donated by various individuals and businesses. Additional items will be added as they become available after November 23, 2018, so check back often.

If anyone wishes to contribute to the TCGO store for the 2018 campaign they may contact Mark Abraham at mark@truckerschristmasgroup.org for further information.

TCGO is grateful for the support of the many sponsors, truckers and trucking-related industries including
Kevin and Leesa Rutherford, OOIDA, OBAC, RedEye Radio, Canada Calling, Landline Now, Truth about Trucking, America’s Trucking Network. TCGO would also like to thank the donors of products for the TCGO store they include Pittsburgh Power, OPS1, Freedom Air Filters, BrakeSafe, and many more.

Others involved in this great effort are Scott Wagner and Melanie Walker with Life From the Passenger’s Seat. They have worked tirelessly this year to help raise additional funds to ensure that no eligible driver or their family go without. This has been done via their Facebook platform and online auctions.

Volunteers for the TCGO are available to provide interviews and any additional support that may be needed during our campaign.