The Extra Mile Podcast

Red Eye Radio is going the EXTRA MILE with host Eric Harley. Eric and guests will be diving deeper into the most popular issues surrounding the trucking industry today. Eric Harley will be going the “Extra Mile” to extend some of our on air topics and expand on the key issues/topics/legislation to our truck drivers, owner operators and fleet owners. This exclusive content is called Red Eye’s Extra Mile and it’s episodes will be “all things trucking”; from taking care of your rig and taking care of your health, to new products and technology, new regulations, and new ways to stay focused on the road ahead. We’ll tell stories, bring in experts, talk about current industry issues, and discuss the things that matter to you. You can listen while you’re driving…you can listen while you’re not. Download the app of your choice and tune in on-demand to Red Eye’s Extra Mile, a new trucking podcast from Red Eye Radio. Now available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Tune-In, Spotify, and our website.