Farmview Commentary for July, 2017

Farmview Commentary for July, 2017


Is something new growing in the fields, orchards and vineyards of many American farms? Well, yes and no. What’s growing is biodiversity. But it’s not necessarily new. Farmers were the original environmentalists. However, biodiversity is taking deeper root on many farms, ranches and dairies.

An increasing number of farmers are integrating wildlife habitat into their farmland. Farmers have always known that taking care of the land is essential to their ultimate success; but creating wildlife habitat isn’t easy. Sometimes it takes a lot of work and a lot of money. Creating new wildlife habitat on a farm can also be risky business!

How can doing something as noble as creating a place for wild creatures to live be risky for farmer? Alright, here’s how …. Creating wildlife habitat may attract some endangered little animal. Then the farmer has to deal with the Endangered Species Act!

The E.S.A. can sometimes shut a farm down all together. So, the farmer ends up getting punished for his noble effort. But even so, many California farmers are willing to try, and are blending wildlife habitat into their farms.

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