Squeeze More Miles From Every Gallon

Fuel efficiency is very important to budget-savvy fleet managers. Most fleet managers calculate mileage to determine how fuel-efficient their fleet is, but idling is often overlooked as a contributing factor. Not only does idling reduce your miles per gallon, it contributes to the wear and tear of an engine and costs fleet managers money. According to Fleet Magazine, an American truck driver will idle for personal comfort an average of 1,500 hours yearly, which adds up to around $6,000 for a single vehicle. In addition, idling is now illegal in many states.

Considering this winter’s arctic chill that affected most of the nation, there’s no doubt that fleet drivers, especially those who sleep in their cabs, idled their vehicles longer than usual to defrost windows or keep the inside comfortable. You may not know it, but there are alternatives to idling to keep cabs warm and engines running: bunk heaters and engine pre-heaters.

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Image used with permission of Cenex