CallonDoc Revolutionizing Healthcare Access for Traveling Workers

CallonDoc, one of the highest rated telemedicine companies in the country, has partnered with Trucker Path, an app connecting the largest community of truckers to improve life on the road, to make healthcare easier and more convenient for drivers.

“It’s difficult for drivers to maintain prescriptions and doctor’s visits,” said National Accounts Manager, Kelly Drier. “We want to help make the driver’s time on the road as comfortable as possible and it’s convenient to use the service in the app.”

As of July 2021, CallonDoc is available on the Trucker Path app for convenient one-touch-of-the-button online doctor access. This partnership allows drivers the ability to quickly submit their healthcare requests to the CallonDoc doctors and get their needed prescription or Rx refills from any pharmacy on route.

Trucker Path and drivers have reported that CallonDoc is an essential and affordable way for traveling workers to access healthcare.

“With the rising cost of insurance and the dependence on “in-network” providers, tele-medicine will continue to become the go-to nonemergency service for the traveling worker,” said Senior Customer Success Manager of Trucker Path, Matt Wible. “CallonDoc makes prescription refills or medical consultations very easy and cost effective for those non-emergency emergencies.”

At CallonDoc users answer a five-minute questionnaire, CallonDoc doctors review and prescribe the appropriate Rx and patients pick up their prescription from any US pharmacy of their choosing the same day.

“Our goal at CallonDoc is to utilize the technology we have available to revolutionize the way people can have access to the prescriptions they need in a time-convenient and hassle-free way,” said CallonDoc Founder and CEO, Dr TJ Oshun. “I want to make healthcare affordable and available for everyone as well as create an easy resource for the traveling workforce.”

Users can choose conditions within categories such as urgent care, ED, prescription refill, STDs, men/women’s health, psychiatry, and chronic conditions- for a flat $40 consultation fee available seven days a week. CallonDoc also offers 80% discount codes on prescriptions as well as a 100% money back guarantee.