How to Reduce Your Fleet’s Cost per Mile With an Oil Change

Every cent counts when it comes to running a fleet. Between permits, tolls, insurance and other costs, fleet managers’ profit margins can be razor-thin — sometimes to the point where the future can seem uncertain.

Managing expenses is more important than ever in today’s competitive trucking industry. To cut costs, many fleet owners are optimizing how they drive their trucks, but few remember to also optimize how they maintain their trucks.

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With tight budgets, many operators don’t have the resources for a time-consuming overhaul to their maintenance program. But mile after mile, even small changes to your maintenance routine can make a big impact on your equipment’s performance.

A high-quality, full-synthetic diesel engine oil like CENEX® MAXTRON® ENVIRO-EDGE® can boost an entire engine’s efficiency. Here’s how Maxtron Enviro-EDGE pulls double-duty to help lower the cost of every mile and support your bottom line.

Full-synthetic oil can help increase the efficiency of your engine
An engine’s efficiency isn’t decided solely by your fuel. Equipment operates as a system, and peak performance depends on many parts working closely together. A lubricant is a prime example of this, as it can have a surprising influence on how efficiently your engine burns fuel.

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Image used with permission of Cenex.

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