Owner-operator business, start to finish: The Partners in Business program

Overdrive editor Todd Dills here details the more than two-decade history of Overdrive’s Partner in Business coproduction with owner-operator business services firm ATBS, with a brand-new 2023 edition of the PIB manual out now, covering all aspects of a trucking owner-operator’s business. It can be a valuable self-help resource for any truck owner, whether new to the business or exploring shifts after years trucking. Find the updated PIB manual and many more resources for owner-operator business management via http://overdriveonline.com/pib

ATBS is available for owner-operator tax advice and business consulting via http://atbs.com

This video excerpts Red Eye Radio host Eric Harley’s roundtable conversation at the 2023 Mid-America Trucking Show with owner-op business coach and Overdrive contributor Gary Buchs, ATBS Vice President Mike Hosted, and Overdrive Editor Todd Dills about the Partners in Business Overdrive/ATBS coproduction.