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The state of America

With the uncorroborated allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the horrendous behavior of the Democrats, this op-ed piece hits home. How America got to this place Editor’s Note: (Mark Corallo, a former Justice Department official during the George W. Bush administration, briefly served in 2017 as spokesman for President Donald Trump’s legal team.…MORE

Collusion against Trump

We have heard for the past year and a half about Trump colluding with the Russians. Well, what about collusion against Trump? Former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson puts together a timeline of what she calls “collusion against Trump!” “Collusion against Trump” timeline It’s easy to find timelines that detail Trump-Russia collusion developments. Here are…MORE

A Gun Owner Speaks

Mark Robinson is a private citizen who spoke before the Greensboro, NC City Council on gun violence and whether the city should cancel a gun and knife show on city property. Greatness.MORE

Media reality check

Great piece from Constitutional Law professor Jonathan Turley on the Washington Post story that Mueller has told President Trump he is not a criminal target in his investigation. When will the media accept that Trump is not a criminal target? In terminal medical cases, doctors often deal with patients who move through “stages” that begin…MORE

Gun Laws Revisited

With the recent school shooting in Florida, the possession of firearms by people with mental health problems is back in the forefront of discussion. But what are the actual laws in the United States when it comes to purchasing a firearm and mental health? This is a list of the current laws as of January…MORE

Mum Media

Great op-ed piece from Lee Smith. Lays out why the media is suddenly silent about Russia collusion.MORE

The “Memo”

Where the GOP is heading with the “memo” according to The Hill’s John SolomonMORE

Words have meaning

A professor says many Millennials are brainwashed and need to be dis-educated before we educate them! This Professor gets an A+++MORE

Taking a knee

After this weekend’s NFL protests it is imperative to bring some truth and context to what the protests are about and where they came from. This article written by a Miami Dolphins reporter last November reminds us what the truth is about Colin Kaepernick, and in his own words.MORE

War Games

The news over the last few hours is reporting that Kim Jong Un is going over possible missile firings towards Guam. So, we ask what are the possible scenarios that our government and think tanks have come up with, in simulated war games? None are good. 8 million dead – what nuclear war with North…MORE