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Final Acts

I guess this says it all about President Obama as his term ends.MORE

Double Standards

As it gets more expensive to live in California, as regulations choke business, as crime increases and lawlessness of illegal immigrants is tolerated, where does this end for the middle class?MORE

Protesters Lied To

Great response from our listeners to the PA Republican elector who talked to the media after PA Electoral College vote yesterday.MORE

With the stories yesterday on the controversy of fake news, we had to quadruple check and verify this op-ed piece. Trump’s election has destroyed her ability to love again. Really?MORE

Millennial Parody Video

A great parody of a make-believe charity (“Millennial International”) Won’t you give today? Enjoy, laugh and share!MORE

Safe Spacers

The 7 Harsh Realities Of Life Millennials Need To Understand. This is an article that came out months ago but after we read portions of it on the air, the requests from our listeners for a copy came in! Here you go! Enjoy and share!MORE

Opinionated Journalism

This commentary from Will Rahn knocks it out of the ballpark concerning the smugness of the Washington press corps.MORE

Probable Cause

How the Hillary email investigation has changed. Great article on how senior level justice department officials, under Loretta Lynch, must have believed that there is probable cause that Hillary has violated Federal law. How do we know? Because the Justice Department approved the warrant application. In order to get that warrant, they had to convince…MORE

Obamacare Doom

Even Democrats can’t hide from the truth anymore; Obamacare in a death-spiralMORE