Cooling System Care Tips from TA Truck Service

Did you know that up to half of all major engine failures are a result of cooling system issues? That’s a lot of downtime, which costs drivers big. Establishing a well-rounded preventive maintenance program is the best way to get the most value out of your equipment and maximize uptime, especially when it comes to the cooling system.

Essential Duties of Cooling Systems

The cooling system is the primary way your engine protects itself from the heat of combustion. In other words, it keeps your engine from overheating. The primary function of the coolant is to regulate the heat and transfer it to the radiator. If a problem in the cooling system hinders that removal of heat from the engine, equipment issues and eventually engine failure will occur.

Coolant is also used to cool doser assemblies and keep DEF tanks thawed in the winter. If coolant is leaking from the system, it can travel to the exhaust system and eventually damage aftertreatment devices as well.

Over the years, engine cooling systems have evolved to keep up with exhaust gas recirculation and other emission and fuel efficiency technologies. Today, these systems have different coolants and metal protection strategies as the industry adapts to newer technologies, but the inspection process is still very much the same.

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